Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chatting with a Boer War Boy

One of the pleasant tasks I undertook on the recent Unlock the Past Cruise was to host a couple of Google Hangouts on Air and to conduct a few interviews with cruisers.

In the first video I interviewed several cruisers in one hit but,on viewing it, realised that having people hop in and out of the interview seat was a little problematic. I then suggested to the congenial Mr Unlock the Past, Alan Phillips, that it might be better if I conducted a series of short interviews. Alan agreed so I made a date with our young camerman, Lachlan, and proceeded to find some victims to interview. I tried to select a diverse range of people. I hope you enjoy watching these short vidoes from Unlock the Past's Youtube Channel.

My first volunteer was Geoff Doherty a serial geneacruiser who is interested in the Boer War.

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Elizabeth Lapointe said...


What was the Ph D that Geoff was talking about that he is about to take? I couldn't quite hear him ...

Thank you



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