Sunday, December 2, 2012

My mate - Audrey the author

A review of Audrey Collins and David Annal's new book, Birth marriage and death records : a guide for  family historians,  on the Pen and Sword website says:

"The book covers all the well-known resources such as parish registers and civil registration and also includes non-parochial registers. There are interesting chapters on military and information about overseas registers. Scotland, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are included.
The book is written in a lively, interesting way which makes it very readable and it would be a useful addition to any family historian’s bookshelf."


On our recent visit to London Mr Geniaus and I caught up with Audrey who travelled all the way in from Kew to meet us for dinner. Dear Audrey had a surprise for me - a copy of this book.  I was stoked as I love getting new books to add to my genealogy collection however, as we are still travelling I haven't had time to read this book from cover to cover.

I can report that it is user-friendly with good explanations, friendly vocabulary, interesting illustrations, helpful screenshots, useful weblinks, a solid index and a bibliography. I know that when I sit down to read this thoroughly (probably on my long flight home to Australia) I will have a rich learning experience.

My Australian mates who met Audrey on her recent tour downunder may be interested in buying this 184 page tome. I see that it is available online from several outlets in the UK including Pen & Sword and the National Archives Bookshop in the UK. I note also that Gould Genealogy have it available for $34.95

The Presentation- Geniaus and Audrey Collins

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Infolass said...

The Bookshop at the Genealogical Society of Victoria have it:


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