Saturday, December 15, 2012

Frequent Cruiser

Life on the high seas is fun. Mr Geniaus and I are becoming frequent cruisers having recently returned from a 27 day cruise and with bookings for two more under our belts.

My cruising will take on a different focus when, in February 2013, I set off on the 3rd Unlock the Past  History and Genealogy Cruise. I look forward to spending time with people whose eyes won't glaze over when I start talking about dead people. I am thrilled to be presenting on a number of topics on this voyage so for me January will be a month of preparing and polishing up presentations.

Alan Phillips (Mr UTP) contacted me recently and invited me to present on the 4th Unlock the Past  History and Genealogy Cruise details of which have been announced. I was delighted to accept his invitation as I hold the two main presenters, Thomas MacEntee and Chris Paton, in high regard and enjoy listening to and learning from them. I also like the itinerary for this journey that highlights several Australian cities.

There is plenty of time to save your pennies for this event in February 2014  so how about filling up your piggybank and joining us for some leisure and learning at  sea.

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