Monday, November 26, 2012

Rootstech - The Aussies are coming

It seems as though I'll have lots of company from downunder at Rootstech this year as some of my Australian genimates will be heading to Salt Lake City. Geneabloggers Jenny Joyce, Helen Smith and Shauna Hicks have indicated that they are attending as is Alan Phillips from Gould Genealogy and I think that Alona Tester may join us as well. Jan Gow from New Zealand will also be heading to Salt Lake City.

This recent post on Gould Genealogy's blog reminded me that I haven't talked about Rootstech recently. I have been telling lots of the Americans that I have met on my present trip about Rootstech and I think a lady from California that I dined with last night will be signing up too. It's amazing how many people I meet in my travels are into genealogy.

As an Official Blogger I have access to a recording facility where I can conduct video interviews with people at the conference. Having done two interviews ( and ) last year I have gotten over my nerves so I want to conduct a few more interviews in 2013.

Whom should I interview?

If you know of someone who is attending Rootstech that you would like me to approach for an interview please let me know and I will try to catch them. I welcome suggestions of people and questions to ask them.

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