Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gearing up for a Geneacruise

Geniaus at sea
Although I have been known to take a cruise or two for pleasure I am a novice in the Geneacruising stakes.

I should be preparing my talks for the 3rd Unlock the Past Genealogy and History Cruise but instead I am thinking about what I will pack for this learning experience on the megaliner, Voyager of the Seas.

I won't be sunning myself on deck during the day so I won't need a 2 litre container of sunscreen or a cornucopia of sunhats. I imagine that I'll be too tired at night to enjoy the shows and kick my heels up in the nightclub type bars so I can leave the sparkly cocktail type outfits at home. My order for two UTP polo shirts has been placed so I'll need some detergent to wash them and hang them in my shower to dry overnight (I hear you have to pay to use the ship's laundries).

Sensible shoes are essential as this is a seriously big boat and I'll be doing lots of walking from place to place and standing on my feet when I deliver my presentations. The stilettos won't be joining me on this trip.

Mr Geniaus isn't coming along on this journey so I'll be minus a baggage attendant. I need advice on geneacruising fashions that won't weigh my bag down. I would love suggestions from experienced geneacrusiers on what clothes to pack.

I'll be taking my Pacsafe handbag and purse with me in case there are any pickpockets on the high seas or in the ports we visit.

The other issue is, of course, gadgets. I'm taking my laptop, a couple of cameras, my mobile phone, a portable hard drive, a voice recorder, a thumb drive, some blank DVDs and power adaptors for the US outlets on the ship. I might even take pens, pencils and some paper. I'll throw in a bundle of business cards as well.

Is there anything I've missed?


Alona Tester said...

You actually sound like you've got it sussed out really well. Casual clothes, laptop, phone, charger, notebooks, small backpack handy for carrying stuff around on the boat), rather that having to go back to your rooms, and I'll throw in a hat, I'm sure to see some, even if it's only on the day trips. And oh yes, I'll have to remember to pack my business cards too.

Helen V Smith said...

Shawl or cardigan in case of cool air conditioning. A dressy outfit for formal night. Cards with surname interests. And of course any brick-wall problems you might have as there is the excellent research zone where you talk to the presenters. Bring along the supporting information so you van get the most benefit of the Research Help Zone.

Kath Fisher said...

We have sailed on a RC ship before and they had a safe in the room. A swipe card is all that is required for room and all purchases so a lanyard with plastic holder is needed. No cash is exchanged. Dinner wear and casual clothes plus hat with string to hold on. Good idea re bag for camera etc and extra string line for the BR useful with washing detergent. Yes they charge. Wireless reception is problematic.

Maria said...

G'day, Jill. The cruise sounds marvellous! Going on a geni-cruise is on my list of things to do one day. Sounds like you have your tech well sorted. The one thing that has revolutionised my packing lately are packing cubes - you can get a pack of three on e-bay for about $20. They help to group things together in your suitcase and, I know it's physically impossible, but they seem to allow me to take more! Have a great time on the cruise. Sorry I'll be missing out on your presentations.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, all, for your suggestions. I might even compile a checklist so I don't leave anything important behind!

Sharon said...

Wish the cruise wasn't at the beginning of the year. Difficult time of the year to justify LSL.

mmt said...

Hi Jill, Are the portable hard drive, voice recorder, thumb drive and blank DVDs for you to use as a presenter or would you suggest that other participants should bring them as well? If so, for what?


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