Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ouch - It's Report Card Time

On New Year's Eve 2010 I posted my (genealogy) plans for 2011 which I will paste below. As I can't remember what I had proposed to do in 2011 there will be some revelations for me as I read through and comment on the list.

Here goes:

 * Put the living before the dead - when family members visit make them the focus of my attention; I think I've done pretty well here. As well as spending lots of time with the grandkids I have taken or planned trips with my children and their families.

Take advantage of serendipity moments eg actively listen to the Aunts at family gatherings, take photos of family members/groups at gatherings; record notes of information shared on my smartphone, scraps of paper, serviettes - just get it down; Use my new Android Tablet for this purpose

Use web 2.0 technologies to promote genealogy in Australia, eg BloggerTwitter,GenealogyWise Australian Group - Special emphasis on using other people's blogs for conversation. Have added Genealogy+ to my stable of tools, have a morning routine for connecting with my Android tablet.

Be patient with fellow researchers who do not share my enthusiasm for technology; Practising this when I visit the two societies I joined this year.Coming to the realisation that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for technology.

Get organised - Try harder. Getting there. My fling it in the folder system is working well.

* Go through ancestors records one by one and properly record sources for all information- Still at the beginning of the alphabet

Digitise all certificates, wills etc. in my posession - Ongoing but could do better

Scan and tag my family history photographs - Finish project - Not quite finished but organised into family folders as part of Fling it in the Folder project

Respond to emails from fellow genealogists in a timely manner; Improved - but communicating more via social media

Become a more active member of The Society of Australian GenealogistsPresented a couple of workshops for them that I think went well but haven't been invited back - Did I blot my copybook? Would attend more of their talks but have to choose wisely as, at $20 a pop, the cost mounts quickly.

* Attend and Present Genealogy workshops/lectures; Retirement has given me lots of time to work on my Continuing Genealogical Development - have done well in this area. Attending Rootstech was the highlight of the year.

Prepare for the 2012 National Year of Reading - Promote this event to genealogists, Read for genealogy and add to personal genealogy library. Have only tweeted a couple of times about NYR - need to blog about it. Have added a number of titles to my genealogy library - haven't read all of them yet.

I certainly strayed from my plans in 2011 but, as genealogy is something I do for pleasure, I am not going to castigate myself severely.

A few other things that happened in 2011 that pleased me were:
  • Finally retiring from a real job so that I have loads more time for family history related activities
  • Falling in love with my Android tablet and exploring its uses for genealogy
  • Being invited to be an Official Blogger and being accepted to present at Rootstech 2012
  • Being published in Inside History Magazine with the prospect of more articles on the horizon
  • Joining and being made welcome at two local family history societies and being asked to write for a society newsletter
  • Noting the growing readership of my Geniaus blog
  • Setting up a Geniaus site with Weebly
  • Connecting and sharing information and photos with new cousins found via the internet
  • Finding and reading the writings of genealogists new to me via social media
  • Having opportunities to research ancestors in places like the National Archives at Kew, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and the New York Public Library
I am one very satisfied amateur genealogist. 


Anonymous said...

Jill, have you blogged about your Android tablet? I'd be interested in reading your findings...I use my other half's ipad but suspect I'd like Android better.
Good luck with the alphabet reviewing! Lots of the same items on my list. Happy geneablogging in 2012...your work is invaluable!

GeniAus said...


I feel a new blog coming on! (Actually it is already at

The birth announcement will be today or tomorrow. The first post has a couple of links to my Android posts on Geniaus.

Kathy Reed said...

It looks like 2011 has been a very productive year for you. I'll be looking for your birth announcement. Congratulations!

Jenna said...

Jill, you hit the nail on the head! As amateur genealogists we can meet or not meet our goals as life sees fit without fear of retaliation! :) Looking forward to meeting you at Rootstech!!

Anonymous said...

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