Thursday, December 29, 2011

Official Bloggers up Bright and Early

2011 Official Bloggers - Bright-eyed at an early morning briefing

Geniaus slept through her alarm one morning at Rootstech 2011 and so was late for an early morning Official Bloggers' breakfast and briefing. 

I have learnt my lesson and, as an Official Blogger again in 2012, will be arriving in Salt Lake City a few days prior to the Conference so that the effects of cross-Pacific jetlag can wear off. In just four weeks I will be leaving Sydney for my trek to Salt Lake City. I look forward to meeting up with my fellow Official Bloggers for 2012 most of whom return from 2011with the addition of a couple of new faces for 2012. You can meet them here.

Please drop by the Bloggers Cage (or whatever they call it) and say hello if you are at Rootstech.

1 comment:

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Look how hard I'm concentrating! I don't even remember that photo. We'll get you up bright and early this year.


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