Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Rooted Technology

By attending RootsTech 2012 you’ll have the opportunity not only to network with other genealogists, vendors and developers and share the knowledge you currently have, but you’ll also get the chance to learn even more about the latest in technology for family history.

As an Official RootsTech 2012 Blogger, here’s a look at the technology I currently use and what keeps me rooted in my genealogy research. I also explain why I am using or not using certain technologies and gadgets  as well as what skills and knowledge I’m hoping to gain at RootsTech this year.

If you want to join in the fun and show off your own tech cred, here are the rules for the My Rooted Technology meme:
  • Technology you already use: bold face type
  • Technology you would like to use or learn more about: italicize (color optional)
  • Technology you don’t use, have no interest in using or no longer use: plain type
  • Explain or give opinions in brackets [ ] at the end of each bullet point
  1. I have a tablet computer such as an iPad that I use for genealogy (I love my Android - I'll be talking about it in The Galaxy Girls presentation at Rootstech)
  2. I have downloaded one or more apps to a Smart Phone or similar device. (Too many - I need to learn to discriminate)
  3. I belong to a genealogy society that uses social media. (Two Australian ones)
  4. I use GEDCOM files and understand the various compatibility issues involved
  5. I have added metadata to some of my files and digital photos. (85,000 photos tagged so far - I was once a librarian and love labelling and categorising)
  6. I have utilized an API from a genealogy-related application or website.
  7. I have taken a DNA test related to my genealogy research.
  8. I have used the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
  9. I have a Facebook account and use it regularly for genealogy. (But I prefer Google+)
  10. I use tech tools to help me cite my sources in genealogy research.
  11. I have developed a genealogy-related app for a Smart Phone or similar device. (You've got to be joking)
  12. I use a genealogy database program (Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic etc.) (The Master Genealogist (TMG) and The Next Generation of Genealogy Software (TNG))
  13. I use cloud computer resources to store my genealogy data. (I find it easiest to use Gmail to store my most important docs. I just email them to myself at one of my three Google accounts)
  14. I have made one or more contributions to the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
  15. I have attended a genealogy webinar.
  16. I have organized and administered a DNA testing group related to my genealogy.
  17. I use apps involving GPS and Geo-caching for my genealogy research.
  18. I have a Google+ account and use it regularly for genealogy. (Wish more genies would move to Google+)
  19. I have created and published a family history e-book. (Have no desire to do so at the moment - prefer to publish on the web)
  20. I have created a wiki related to my genealogy research. (Created a wiki when I had a real job and love the platform - prefer to contribute to a larger one for genealogy eg Familysearch)
  21. I have conducted a genealogy webinar as a presenter. (Would love to teach a webinar)
  22. I read genealogy-related blogs to help improve my own research. (In bed each morning with my coffee)
  23. I have one or more genealogy-related blogs to help improve my own research.
  24. I have a Twitter account and use it regularly for genealogy.
  25. I have one or more genealogy-related websites which I run and administer.
  26. I have created a screencast or video related to genealogy and posted it at a video sharing site (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.).
  27. I use one or more digital tools to capture and record my family history.


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Here's my response.

Unknown said...

Why do you use gmail for storing docs? Do you find it easier than just uploading to google docs?

On a separate note, totally looking forward to your rootstech presentation.

Linda McCauley said...

Here's my list.


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