Friday, December 2, 2011

A Gentle Man - A Football Giant

It is always sad when one has to add a new death date to the family tree.

I was distressed yesterday to hear of the passing at 66 years of age of Arthur Henry Beetson, who was my mother's second cousin. I had previously blogged about Artie's relationship to our family this year after my cousin asked "Who is our relative the aboriginal footballer? " My readers who are not Australian might wish to read the Wikipedia article that outlines Arthur's impressive career.

Several months ago another distant cousin contacted me and asked if he could give Arthur my 'phone number as Arthur was keen to find out more about his family history. I replied in the affirmative as I was keen to talk to Arthur and discover his story. When Arthur contacted me around six weeks ago we had a lovely chat, I was so impressed by his gentle manner and his concern that he would be putting me out with his request.  I assured Arthur that it would be a pleasure to put something together for him.

I took a look at the branch of the tree that we share and decided that I needed to relook at the branch and to then write a piece about them, not just for Arthur, but for all the descendants of our plucky convicts, Elizabeth Phipps, James Westbrook, Robert Hayward and William Magick. I am deeply saddened that I did not get to finish that task before I heard the news of Arthur's passing on the radio yesterday.

Arthur Beetson's Ancestry on Geniaus' Site 


Lizzie said...

I had no idea!

GeniAus said...

There are lots of surprises in the family tree, Lizzie@Chookarelli

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