Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do you know?

Following on the advice of Lorine McGinnis-Schulze I have been using my Flip-Pal to scan old photos while sitting on the couch watching television or babysitting.

I have just scanned several hundred of my Dad's many of which are labelled. There are some images of people I have never heard of - army mates, people from his home town, Canowindra, and some colleagues from the NSW Police Force. There are labelled images of places where he served in the war plus some great historical images of the Canowindra area. Similarly Mum has photos of people from her youth plus a few images of the Cobar area.  These images would be a valuable resource for those researching these people and places.

So, from time to time, on this blog I will post one of these photos and maybe someone with an interest might contact me. These posts probably won't be too relevant to my readers in the Northern Hemisphere but with luck they might just reach a relative over the seas.


Unknown said...

You commented that "Do you know?" may have no relevance for your readers in the Northern hemisphere.

It is true that I know of no connections south of the equator ANY where in the world (let alone Australia); but relevance is not necessarily that detailed.

I read this and the post about your father and his buddies and thought "What a great idea. I wonder if I should do something like that with my unidentified photos."

If you inspire copy cats, you have made a relevant post.

GeniAus said...


Thanks for stopping by. I would be flattered to have a copy cat. :-))


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