Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foreigners at Rootstech?

Have you been looking at those discounted airfares to the US and wondering whether you should bag a bargain fare and  head to Salt Lake City for Rootstech 2012?

Are you a foreigner like me thinking there may be nothing on the program to interest you?

The conference sessions (or classes as they call them in the US) on offer at Rootstech  have international appeal. At this year's conference I found so many topics that piqued my interest that I had difficulty choosing which sessions to attend. There may have been some very UScentric presentations but I must have glazed over them as there was so much else with international appeal leaping out from program.

The technology focus of talks at Rootstech has universal appeal as the software and hardware under discussion is used for genealogical activities all over the world. In our global village we share similar issues no matter where we live.

As an Australian with British heritage I found a lot at the Rootstech conference to amuse me. As well as speakers from Britain and Ireland there was a good representation of exhibitors from abroad. Companies like BrightSolid and FindMyPast cannot afford to send representatives to our small Australian conferences but it is economically viable to have a presence at a large event like Rootstech with over 3000 delegates. I do hope BrightSolid appear in 2012 so that I can have some free access to the new British Newspaper Archive.

In 2011 I particularly enjoyed being exposed to a range quality keynote speakers that I would never get to hear in my home country. An examination of the program for 2012 indicates that there is another stunning lineup on offer.

With earlybird registration closing on November 30 it is time to ACT NOW  and save yourself $60 on the full registration fee.

Should you have any questions about attending this event do not hesitate to contact me. I am an Official Blogger (the only one not from North America) for the conference and would be thrilled to chat to you.

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Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

There are unconference opportunities, too. If you want to meet others and talk about a particular topic not on the schedule, make a reservation for an unconference classroom and do just that.

You really can tailor this conference experience to your needs. :)


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