Friday, November 18, 2011

Michelle's a Winner!

Congratulations to Michelle Goodrum from The Turning of Generations blog who is the winner of my competition for a Free Registration to the 2012 Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City in February. Michelle, your determination has paid off!

Entrants were asked to " Browse through the presentations on offer in the Rootstech Schedule and select a presentation that would benefit a foreigner from downunder like me. You can see my interests on this blog, profiles on Twitter and Google+ or my family site."

Michelle responded on Google+ and emailed her contact details to me. I look forward to meeting up with Michelle at the conference in February and in the Evernote session she suggested I attend.

Thanks to the people at Rootstech for providing this prize for my blog readers.

1 comment:

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thank you and see you at RootsTech!


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