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Surname Saturday Meme: Names, Places and Most Wanted Faces

On his Destination Austin Family Blog Thomas MacEntee has revived Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie's meme from 2009. Thomas says " Why so? Well this meme actually helps the genealogy blogger create "surname bait" for other researchers to find out on Google and other search engines."

Busy weekends are not the best time for responding to Saturday challenges. It's a quiet Monday morning in Sydney so I now have time to devote to this task. What it has done is to make me reflect on my direct ancestors, it is too long since I revisited my research on them in an ordered manner. I have spent most of my time recently on my husband's and grandchildren's lines. It is now time to take a look at new resources to see if I can find any new leads on my Irish ancestors and many convicts.

The instructions for this meme are very simple (although they are US centric) but we foreigners will have to adjust them slightly to include Country, state or county or whatever is most appropriate to the lands of our forefathers.  Here goes:

How The Meme Works

To participate, do the following at your own blog and post a link  in the comments of Thomas' post:

1. List your surnames in alphabetical order as follows:

[SURNAME]: State/Province (county/subdivision), date range
as in:

AUSTIN surname: New York (Jefferson County, Lewis County, St. Lawrence County), 1830-present; Rhode Island (Kent County, Washington County), 1638-1830

2. At the end, list your Most Wanted Ancestor with details!

Geniaus' Names, Places and Most Wanted Faces

Following are the surnames of my Great-Great Grandparents

ASPINALL surname:  England (Lancashire, Wigan) 1819-1838; Australia (New South Wales, Bathurst area) 1838-1883 

BOWE surname:  Ireland (Kilkenny) 1821-

CONNOLLY: surname: Ireland (Kilkenny) 1826-, Australia (New South Wales) 1850-

CREGAN surname:  Ireland (Fermanagh, Eniskillen) 1832-

CURRY surname:  Ireland (Limerick County) 1800-1825, Australia (New South Wales, Camden) 1825-present, Australia (New South Wales, Canowindra) 1900-1950.

D'ARCY surname:  Ireland (Tipperary, Templemore) 1790-, Australia (New South Wales, Dungog) 1840-

DUNCAN surname: Scotland (Aberdeen) 1800-, Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) 1851-, Australia (New South Wales, Byrock and Cobar)  1890-

HAYWARD surname: England (Oxfordshire) 1798- , Australia (New South Wales) 1817-

HOMER surname: England (Lancashire, Manchester) 1804-, Australia (New South Wales) 1820-,

KEALY surname: Ireland (Kilkenny, Ballyfoyle) 1785-, Australia (New South Wales, Maitland) 1864-

MAGICK surname: Australia (New South Wales) 1826-

MOLLOY surname:  Ireland (Meath) 1800-, Australia (New South Wales) 1852- 

PUSELL surname: England (Lancashire, Liverpool) 1820-, Australia (New South Wales) 1837-

RYAN surname: Ireland (Westmeath County, Kilbeggan) 1800-present, Australia (New South Wales, Camden) 1850,

TIERNEY surname: Ireland (Tipperary, Roscrea) 1790-, Australia (New South Wales, Dungog and Sydney) 1840-

TUCKER surname: England (Buckinghamshire, Datchet) 1770-, Australia (New South Wales) 1825-

Most Wanted Ancestor

Geniaus is a greedy girl I cannot choose just one ancestor, I want to find them all.

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Bribie Family History Association said...

Great way to advertise your primary names and it's been a while since I've had a good look at mine. Thanks Jill and Thomas


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