Saturday, July 2, 2011

Will I be seeing you at Rootstech 2012?

My flights are booked so I am definitely going to Rootstech 2012.  I know that it is seven months away but, one needs to take advantage of good airfares when they are available.

I am not a member of the LDS Church so why am I travelling all the way from Australia to Utah for a three day conference?

* I found that the content at Rootstech 2011, that combined technology and genealogy, suited my interests. No event in Australia provides such a range of  presentations on this topic area.
* There is an opportunity to hear world renowned keynote speakers that don't travel to Australia.
* The conference program that caters for a couple of thousand attendees has multiple streams has enormous breadth and depth.
* I can meet in person the geneabloggers and geneatweeters with whom I communicate each day.
* I will be able to renew the friendships I made with conference attendees in 2011.
* There is an opportunity to meet up with the developers of software that I use like Darrin Lythgoe.
* The conference represents excellent value with a low registration fee and reasonably priced accommodation right next door the the conference venue.

* I get an opportunity to promote Australian genealogy to an international group.
* I can use the facilities of The Family History Library with its free access to print and microform resources on open access. I spent two days there this year and only looked at the online and print materials. In 2012 I will concentrate on the microforms.
* The air is fresh and crisp in SLC in February - a respite from Sydney's summer humidity.
* I can see a bit more of the United States on my way to and from the conference.
* I can visit my favourite department store, Macys, and bag a few bargains.

Next year I am taking Mr Geniaus along to Salt Lake City with me. Although he has no interest in genealogy research he is interested in his ancestry. As the cost of registration is so reasonable I will be registering him for the conference so that he can attend the social functions and some conference sessions. The Rootstech program is so varied that even he should find something of interest!

Will I be seeing you at Rootstech 2012?


Thomas MacEntee said...

I will be there with bells on! And beads!

James Tanner said...

Make sure to say hello. I'll be there.

Unknown said...

I really, TRULY wish I were. (I was going to write that sentence BEFORE I saw the post from 2 other people whose wisdom I follow — now it should be at least 3 reallys!) Although I live a great deal closer than Austraila, the travel cost is a bit high for this relatively new genealogist to consider attending. But I will be with you in mildly-envious spirit.

GeniAus said...

Sue, It is the most amazing event - sorry you can't make it. I'll have to try and find some Aussie bling for Thomas.
James, I look forward to meeting up, yours is one of my favourite blogs.

Sharon said...

You are making me very envious. Not a good time to go when school is only just getting back into full swing.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I will definitely be there. Looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Mr. Geniaus!

Greta Koehl said...

I would love to go - but for the time being I am limiting my genealogy trips to states that are not too distant from my own here in the eastern US. But some day ... and I hope to meet you then!


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