Saturday, July 23, 2011

A July Saturday at SAG

My last CGD activity before heading off on holidays this week was a talk given by Carole Riley, SAG Councillor and Professional Genealogist, on NSW Land Records.

Although I have attended talks by three different people on this tricky topic I am still a novice. Excellent advice came from the SAG volunteer who thanked Carole. This lady suggested that, to make sense of all the information Carole had presented, we should not put off going to the NSW Land and Property Information Dpeartment (commonly known as the Lands Department) but should do so whilst the content of the seminar was fresh in our minds. She suggested that we arm ourselves with Carole's comprehensive notes and make the visit.

So that I can shed my novice status I might just have to bite the bullet and make that excursion.


Carole Riley said...

What I was trying to say in the talk was that you should do what you can from home. Obviously I didn't get that point across. You may not need to visit the Lands Department in person at all if you already know the address of the property.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting and informative talk. I found the Lands Dept to be quite bewildering when I was there, not helped by my ancestor having too many land parcels!


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