Friday, July 1, 2011

Time to crack open the bubbly

I took advantage of four visitor-free days this week to empty my genealogy folders/binders and my boxes of filing out of my study. I can hardly move in my study so I took all of this gear to the dining room where I was able to spread it out.

Firstly I sorted all the papers, I put each piece in a plastic sleeve then sorted them into abc order by surname. Then the filing frenzy began, this was more difficult than my digital filing episode, Fling it in the folder, a number of weeks ago as the physical folders/binders are cumbersome and the plastic sleeves slippery. I rearranged the contents of some folders to make the distribution of files a bit more even.  I now all except a few items that need to be scanned organised in my 44 folders/binders.

I have a folder (or two or three) for each member of my immediate family ie, parents, husband, parents and parents-in-law, children and grandchildren. For each surname that warrants it I have a surname folder, the rest of the people are filed in one abc sequence by surname then first name then date of birth (if two or three share the same name). I have additional folders for places, learning materials and correspondence. This organisation mirrors my digital filing system.

Three or four years ago when I indicated that I needed to organise my files my husband bought me a labelmaker. I finally opened the packaging on that a couple of days ago and worked out how to operate it; all of my folders now sport clear labels. Just half an hour ago I moved those 44 folders back into my study.

I am feeling quite elated that this job that has been hanging over my head for so long and causing me grief has been conquered.  If I wasn't home alone I would crack open a bottle of bubbly. Instead I am sharing my joy with you, my GeniMates.


Tanya Honey said...

Crack open the bubbly, you deserve it. Even by yourself!

Carole Riley said...

Looking forward to seeing a photo of all those newly labelled folders all lined up!

Shelley said...

Well done! Would you like to sort out mine next? ;-)


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