Saturday, July 9, 2011

4,584 Words

I was privileged this week to be invited to take part in a forum in which users of The State Library of New South Wales were asked to comment on a set of questions posed by an independent consultant each day.

I commend the Library on going out to its membership and seeking their opinions on their services. The terms of the forum prevent me from sharing the questions asked or the comments made. I can say that there appeared to be a range of respondents from librarians, to international students, a few genealogists,city and country folk, people with postgraduate qualifications and tose with little formal education. I recognised the Presidnet of a NSW family history society and a fellow member of  SAG. I was one of ten forum members who received a prize of a $20 voucher for my contributions.

Thank you to The State Library of New South Wales for allowing me to submit my 4,584 opinionated words to the forum. Is it any wonder that I didn't get much blogging done last week?

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