Sunday, July 3, 2011

Geniaus on Google+

Thanks to Banai Feldstein, of The Ginger Jewish Genealogist, I received an invitation to Google+. Banai  gave her insights on the application in a post, Google+ – My First Thoughts, a couple of days ago.

After being on the Google+ site for just an hour I can report that this old girl likes the interface and the ability to categorize people into 'circles' and easily communicate with one, all or some of one's groups. Setting up my profile and applying privacy settings was easy, I appreciated being able to have a preview of my public profile so that I knew what was in the public domain.

I am anticipating that I will use this tool for genealogy and have created a genealogy circle for this purpose. At the moment I have found a few genealogists from the US and four from Australia to add to the circle. I think that I have invited a couple of other genies but am not sure if I have the process right. I have also created a circle for my contacts from the world of education so that I can keep up with developments in ICT.

Until I get a few more connections I really don't know how I'll use Google+ but I look forward to further exploring its possibilities.


John Patten said...

Hi mate, I've been curious to try this out, hoping it won't become bogged down in games and other invitation based applications like facebook. If you still have my gmail, can you send an invite please? Cheers, John.

Carole Riley said...

I don't have access to Google+ yet so I only have the comments of others to go on. Everything you've said you like about it, Facebook already does, although in a more clumsy and less intuitive way. The killer seems to be the hanging out part, which Facebook may resolve with its deal with Skype. It's late to be trying to develop a new social network and expect us all to move over, but I'll happily try it out when I can.

Geniaus said...

John, You'll be at the top of the list when I can send more invitations.

Geniaus said...

Carole, I wonder if Google+ will go the same way as Wave or if it will flourish but I want to give it a a go.

With its clean interface and easy to edit user profiles and simple grouping techniques it would be an easier tool for Granny genealogists like me to control. I don't use the lists etc on FB as much as I could simply because they're tedious.


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