Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Thanks for your Christmas in July present.

I have had lots of fun playing with my new toy and, like a good girl, have been sharing it with my friends, I've even asked people I barely know to play with me. In fact I have shared it with 179 of my friends. I like it so much that I even take it to bed with me and my mate, Android.

I love this toy and don't want to appear ungrateful but I thought I'd share with you a few things that would improve it so that, before you give it to other people at the real Christmas time, it will be even better. Here are a few things on my wishlist:
  • I'd like to see when my friends are online
  • I'd like to be able to post directly from other applications 
  • It would be good if I could see my Huddles on my laptop
  • I'd like to see who other people have in their circles on the Android app
  • I'd like to see posts from my other social networks in my Google stream (sorry I'm a two-timer)
  • Seeing my RSS feeds in my stream would be cool
  • Call me vain but I'd like a vanity URL within Google+
  • I'd like a notification on my Chrome tab that tells me when there is a notification (so I don't have to use a third party extension)
  • I'd like a safe and simple way to import my photos from Facebook
  • I wish I could resize my circles so I can see more on the screen at once
  • An annoying beep (that I can turn on and off) to announce a new notification would be handy
I could think of more things, Santa, but I'm not a greedy girl. I know Mr Google is very busy, Santa, but my friends and I would be very happy if you could take these requests to him. We promise that we will be good boys and girls and not mess with our new toy, Google+.



Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Very cute! My iPhone would love to have a special app for G+, too.

Banai Lynn Feldstein said...

I agree with most of these and have some comments on a few.

Seeing friends online. You get some indication when friends are online with the chat function, but it's not enough. I agree.

Seeing Huddles on the laptop. I think their plan was to make that mobile only. You can have a group chat online, but I don't see a way to "overlap" with the Huddles already established.

You have a "vanity" URL at At least it's better than your 25 digit ID.

I think there's legal issues importing anything from Facebook, though I've seen mention of some hacks. Specifically, you can export your FB friends to Yahoo then import them to G+. I've seen similar articles for photos mentioned but didn't read them to know the details.

I'll add one: that I'd like to see a blog or have just one person to follow to get updates about when things are changed and updated. I have noticed changes sometimes, but there's probably more going on that I haven't checked back on after sending feedback.


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