Friday, April 22, 2011

Connecting with the Galaxy

I have been in the market for a Tablet since I tested out the iPad in Los Angeles on its launch last year. For a number of reaasons I decided that the iPad wasn't for me. When the Samsung Galaxy Tab came on the market in Australia I was quite taken by it. Reviews were mostly positive, I liked its compact size (but much bigger than the phone I use for browsing etc.), that it had two cameras, could be used for Skyping,that it could be used as a mobile phone and with an optional stylus.

In Australia the Samsung Galaxy Tab was priced at around $AU900; I didn't want to spend this much money on a gadget that may or may not suit my needs. Before setting off for Rootstech I found that I could buy an unlocked Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile for $US499, this was a more palatable proposition. I visited two T-Mobile stores in Salt Lake city but wasn't able to buy one.  While at Rootstech I saw the new Dell tablet and thought that I would buy one of these  instead. The Dell representative at the conference was spectacularly unhelpful. A call to Dell to try and buy one of these online didn't bear fruit but at least their phone rep was pleasnat and tried to assist.

I returned to Australia minus a tablet and decided that I would bide my time until a new batch was launched with the Honeycomb operating system.  However, it is a woman's prerogerative it to change her mind!

While reading my RSS feeds last weekend I saw this post on The Galaxy Tab Blog. I guess this sale price from Teltra indicates that they will soon launch a new tablet. My dilemma was should I wait and probably spend $800 or $900 on a nwere model or buy a soon to be outdated model for $AU299.  At that price I wouldn't be too disappointed if the Tab didn't live up to expectations. I  had previously checked with the man from Telstra about the suitability of my SIM card for the Tab and found that it could be used.

Luckily Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary are looming and my husband hasn't any gift ideas. I helped him out by suggesting he buy me The Galaxy.

My sparkling white new toy was delivered yesterday and I am now investigating  how to use it for everyday activities and genealogy.


Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

I'll be interested to see what you think of your new toy once you've had more time to play.

Would it be a good travel/blog/tweeter tool for conferences?

GeniAus said...


I am hoping that it will replace my phone for travel. I will probably still take a netbook to conferences as I am more comfortable with a keyboard... but this may change.

Julie Goucher said...

I have been pondering on the iPad for months. Hubby has said just get one if you want it, but it is a lot of money,so I am still pondering. I'll be interested in your review of the tablet.

Tanya Honey said...

Yes, also debating about iPad versus everything else. Waiting in anticipation to hear what you think. :-)

Shelley Crawford said...

I had the option to get an iPad last Christmas but decided not to. Although I love my iPhone dearly, I've tried the iPad and it isn't for me.

Still, I wanted a tablet. I thought I would wait a while and see what else came out. I was very interested to read that you got the Galaxy tab at such a great price. After stewing on it for a bit I started poking around the internet but the $299 tabs had sold out, or so it seemed. Today I hit the shops and after a grim start finally found a shop that could order one in for me at that price from a regional NSW branch. I should be getting it on Thursday or Friday!

GeniAus said...

Shelley, I have just got back from babysitting where I connected to their wireless with the TAB - it is easy to read and light to carry plus I am getting better with the typing as each day goes by.
You need a SIM card. HINT: I bought a Telstra starter kit - $2 for SIM with no credit - put this in and it works fine. I had been using the SIM from my mobile and will do so when I go o'seas but for around about home the $2 SIM is a good option.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Jill, I know I'm late but I just read your post. I had the same experience with the Dell reps at Rootstech! I thought it was just me.

The rep was not helpful at all and as I was looking at the tablet with my husband - actually using the tablet - the rep took it out of my hands without saying a word and began demonstrating it to another couple! I was so angry but the polite little Canadian that I am, said nothing and left. I've often wished I'd spoken up.


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