Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner In Australia

I don't know of any other Australians who have a Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  Some of my Australian  GeniMates are envious of my little toy in its emerald green case that I purchased at the recent Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City.

A number of Australians are wondering when the Flip-Pal will be available in Australia.  I mentioned this to the people at Flip-Pal when I finally registered my unit this week. They responded  with thie message for my Australian friends:

"As you well know, we do not yet distribute in Australia.  We are actively
investigating what that would take.  It is a matter of both the
distribution/support processes as well as regulatory approvals and it is
hard to set a date for those kinds of things. Just have your friends
regularly check our website.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Happy Scanning!"

My Flip-Pal sits beside my computer ready for action. If a document up to about A4 size comes my way I immediately scan it with the Flip-Pal. The procedure for scanning small documents is easier and more time effective than scanning with my larger scanner. My light little Pal goes with me in my laptop bag when I visit libraries, archives  and elderly aunts.

If you don't know about this marvellous item take a look at this video in which Dear Myrtle demonstrates a Flip-Pal.


Shelley Crawford said...

I was thinking of trying a freight forwarding service - or more accurately I was hinting to family members that they should for my birthday! No such luck. I'll definately be interested in one if available in Australia at a reasonable price.

Tanya Honey said...

I got the same response from them when I asked about delivery to Australia. I may have to resort to "borrowing" a friend's post box in the US. Do-able, but more complicated than it should be. Anyway. looks more than worth the effort!

Caz said...

I recently came across these fabulous items and also discovered I couldn't have it freighted to Oz. I resorted to my brother in the USA and it is on it's way to me as I write! I can't wait to start using it. All reviews I have read indicate it is one very handy, exciting, portable and easy to use, must have piece of equipment!!

Unknown said...

It looks like a wonderful tool! Will have to add that one to my wish list. :-)

Anonymous said...

As soon as I knew my daughter was to visit Washington I asked if she could bring me home a Flip-Pal. First off I tried to order it direct from the company but the billing address must also be within the USA. I ended up ordering it from Amazon but getting it delivered within the US (the only way possible). Others might find this a useful strategy...all you need is someone visiting the US and in an obliging frame of mind;-)

brandii said...

No your not the only person in Australia to have one of these.
The Flip Pal is the best thing I have ever bought. No Genie should ever be without one.

If you have friends in the USA or Canada you can get them to buy it for you (reimbuse them via Pal Pay or other) and then get them to post it onto you. I know its a long way around but the wait is well worth it.

Anonymous said...

This place in Australia appears to sell it.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, Jennifer.

At $219.00 it's a bit more expensive than in the US but great that it can be bought here.

Maria said...

Thanks Jennifer and Jill for this info about Flip Pal in Australia. I've been waiting for this for a while now. Just in time for the Christmas list.
Regards, Maria

Anonymous said...

DigitalCentre is an unauthorised reseller. There are moves by Flip-Pal to establish regular distribution in Australia.

Jennifer Jones said...

I definitely have to have a Flip Pal. Having been dreaming of them for a while now.
My friends use a website for US purchases that allows them to use a US address, and the items are forwarded on. Will find out more about it.


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