Monday, April 4, 2011

Name Change

My mother-in-law, Daphne Gillespie, used to tell the story of how her name was changed at baptism frrom Freda to Daphne; a notation on her birth certificate bears this out.

Whilst browsing through a notebook belonging to her mother, Eliza Ann Gowans,  that I have as the family bowerbird  I came across a newspaper clipping about this event pasted neatly on a page. As the other items in this book are from 1930 and 1931 I surmise it was from that time.  Unfortunately I cannot identify the newspaper.

It is one of a number of clippings of pars that Eliza under her nom-de-plume, Elms, had pasted in the notebook. Eliza earned three shillings and sixpence for sharing the story of baby Freda's name change.


Claudia said...

I love it.....My grandmother wanted my mother (her m-i-l) to name me Gertrude and my mom named me Claudia instead.

When my husband and I had our daughter his parents started to tell us what to name the baby and he told them you named your children and we will name ours.

Her name is Emily and she is now 28.

Sharon said...

The word par reminded me of my nanna who was always sending pars to the New Idea. I'm wondering now if she saved them anywhere. I'm thinking that maybe she did. I'll have to visit my uncle to find out.


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