Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow Friday - GeneaBloggers Blogtalk Radio

For my Follow Friday post this week I am highlighting a radio show that assists in  breaking down the Tyranny of distance  for Australian genealogists. One of the disadvenatges of living in God's own country is that we are far away from a large number of genealogists who share our interest and perhaps even our ancestors.

Geneabloggers Blogtalk Radio gives Australians an opportunity, at a reasonable time on a Saturday afternoon, to connect with genealogists from other nations. Vibrant personality, Thomas MacEntee, is the host of this two-hour program that understandably has a North American bias. In spite of this there is a lot of discussion that has relevance to genealogists worldwide. Last week I think I was the only Australian tuned in but I had company from the southern hemisphere in a genealogist from New Zealand.

One can simply tune in and listen to the program online or onc can sign up for a free Blogtalk radio account that allows you to jparticipate in the online chat that runs concurrently with the show. There is no special software or equipment needed to listen to the show.  Past programs are archived and available on the program's webpage.

The theme for this weeks show is "Jewish Genealogy – How To Get Started Searching Your Roots".  AlthoughI have no Jewish Ancestry I will be joining in to hear about resources and events, to learn from the expert guests, to be entertained by Thomas and to enjoy the camaderie of my genealogy mates.

Thomas and his friends would be thrilled to have you join them on Geneabloggers Blogtalk Radio on Saturday in Sydney or on Friday 10pm EDT, 9pm CDT, 8pm MDT, and 7pm PDT in the United States.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks Jill for the kind comments and the shout out.

I'd be very interested in doing a show focused on Australian genealogy - the guests could connect via Skype since "calling in" would be cost be cost prohibitive.

Also, stay tuned for the next iteration of genealogy radio: a new show just about genealogy societies.

GeniAus said...

An Australian focus would be fun. Let's know when it's on the radar and I can put you in touch with some people down here


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