Saturday, April 30, 2011

CGD - It's not a disease

I recently posted my plans and rationale for keeping a Learning Log for Genealogy. This is a record of those learning opportunities that I have taken.

Shortly after this I read DearMyrtle's post Education Plans in which she reported on her plans for the coming months. This is an assignment for the ProGen12 Study Group of which she is a member. She has listed her plans under the headings Area of  Focus, Activity, Time Frame and Cost..

Myrt asked "What are your plans to hone genealogy research skills? " which set me to thinking if  I should have a more formal plan for learning.  I have been pondering this for a few days and have decided that, as I am an amateur genealogist, I do not need a formal education plan.

So for my CGD, Continuing Genealogical Development, I plan to look out for educational opportunities that cater for deficiencies in my knowledge (not hard to find) or pique my interest. I undertake learning via a range of delivery methods: face-to-face, online via webinars or podcasts, radio broadcasts,  various print media and by trial and error.  I will endeavour to take part in at least one learning activity per week and will continue to document these in my Learning Log.

I will seek out potential learning opportunities by reading blogs, accessing the geneawebinars blog, following the calendar of SAG,  reading about events at Unlock the Past, perusing mailing lists and keeping my eyes and ears open.

I am sure that I will find plenty to keep myself amused. 

How about you? 


Rosemary said...

Not quite on topic but ... Your blog received a mention in the SAG newsletter for April. Congrats!

GeniAus said...

Thanks for letting me know, Rosemary.

I am a member of SAG but hadn't read the e-newletter yet.

I'm feeling rather chuffed.

Amy Coffin said...

I have the same sort of plan as you. I intend to fill some knowledge gaps with courses at FamilySearch:

Now I just need to find the time!

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Your Learning Log is such a good idea! I believe I will copy this idea, if that is okay with you!

GeniAus said...


You wouldn't be copying the idea - you would be using it as a resource :-))

It's a good way to see what you've done and what is missing.

I am flattered.

GeniAus said...

Amy, I must remember the Familysearch courses for days when there's some downtime!!!!!

Sharon said...

Well said Jill. No matter what we do in life, I believe it is important to keep learning and challenging yourself.

I like your idea of keeping a log too.

I have recently commenced the SAG certificate course, with the first assignment being a book review. I haven't written a book written for years and really enjoyed the challenge.


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