Friday, April 15, 2011

"If it's only a few hundred dollars...."

.....said my husband when I asked him again this morning if he would take a DNA test.

He had, up until now, been quite hesitant about DNA testing but he loves a bargain. Sitting in bed this morning I was reading Facebook news and saw Carole Riley's post that said that Family Tree DNA was having a special for DNA Day.

After attending a talk by Kerry Farmer on DNA last year I had decdided that I would use Family Tree DNA for my testing and have been waiting for a special  offer (seems I misses a recent 40% off one). I have since heard Steve Morse talk on DNA at Rootstech and have attended a Webinar on the subject.

Being scientifically illiterate I still only have a basic understanding of DNA but I hope to rectify that situation. I have ordered for myself  Family Finder + mtDNA tests. Hopefully this will match me up with some cousins and confirm if I have aboriginal ancestry in my maternal line. For my husband I have ordered a Family Finder test and a YDNA-37 test. Once we have the results of my husbands YDNA test I will join him up the DNA project for his surname. It will be interesting to see if there are any matches from the 160 members of that group.

I have followed with interest the stories of my GeniMates who have undertaken testing and look forward to being able to have some further discourse with them.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I purchased several tests from them today. My motivation was the sale, but they were my choice because they're located in my city. I figure I can go over there and bug them personally if I have a problem. :)

Let us know how your experience goes.

Sharon said...

Look forward to reading about the results.


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