Friday, July 9, 2010

What I do (downunder) meme

I am heeding Thomas' call at Destination Austin Family today to join in this meme which  "is important to the genealogy blogging community because it gives others an idea of how we achieve the genealogy "voodoo" that we do do so well.”

I am always interested to learn from what others do so look forward to reading posts at Geneabloggers from genealogists who have embraced techie toys as they hunt for ancestors.

* Hardware: Can't remember the full specs for my my Dell Studio Laptop. I know it has 4GB of RAM and that seems ample for my current needs. I usually replace my laptop each three years and always purchase a three year warranty. A 2 year old ASUS eee PC netbook for travelling - updating this year. I often drag out my old Toshiba Portege Tablet Laptop when I go to a seminar and want to write notes.

* External storage: Three external HDDs: a Lacie (500GB) , and two Western Digital (Old 250GB and newer 1000GB). I back up everything to two separate Hard drives. Always carry a thumb drive in my handbag.

* Online storage: Google Docs, DropBox,
* Backup: Not automated just use the HDDs

* Firewall: Windows Firewall

* Virus protection: AVG Free

* Spyware: None

* File cleaner: None

* Printer: Brother MFC Fax/Phone/Scanner/Printer, Canon Pixma

* Phone: HTC Touch Pro 2   through Telstra NextG

* Mobile media:

* eBook Reader: None - love the smell and feel of paper - but will eventually get some sort of  new tablet device.

* Music player: Prefer the sounds of silence

* Car audio: Just listen to 702 on the radio except when football and cricket are on.

* Browser: Firefox, Opera on 'phone

* Blog: Blogger, WordPress

* RSS: Google Reader

* FTP: Smart FTP

* Text editor: Notepad

* Graphics: Adobe Photoshop CS4, For For tagging, organising and simple tweaking Picasa
* Screen capture: Windows Snipping tool

* Social media: Twitter (Tweetdeck and Twitterbar)  Facebook (Tweetdeck) GenealogyWise

* Social bookmarking: Delicious

* Social profile: None

* URL shortener: Don't bother

* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007, Open Office, For sharing files Google Docs

* E-mail: Outlook, GMail

* Calendar: Outlook, Google Calendar

* Accounting: Excel spreadsheets

* PDF generator: Use Save as .pdf options in software packages

* Genealogy database: The Master Genealogist, For pubishing to the web The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding

* Genealogy tools: Subscriptions to: FindMyPast, and Genes Reunited, Trove from the National Library is a real treasure.

* Other tech stuff: 
A digital camera is essential. I use an ancient Canon Ixus and am on my fourth Panasonic Lumix, a DMC-TZ8 - Travel Camera with 12x Optical Zoom Leica Lens. I use this with a tiny tripod in libraries, archives, relatives homes to take copies of photos and documents.
For Webhosting I use Simply Hosting
Scanner: I borrow a Fujitsu fi-6130 periodically - it makes short work of scanning sheets and photos. Also have a Canon flatbed scanner.
Web Page Authoring: Old version of Dreamweaver - I'm comfortable with it.
To find out of print books I use Abe Books

After reading this I can understand why Mr Geniaus claims that he is a widower to genealogy and technology.

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