Thursday, July 8, 2010

Genealogy Wise - First twelve months

On July 8, 2009 I joined the GenealogyWise  genealogy social network that is built on the ning platform. I found that, as site membership grew, the strong US bias became more evident so I set up a subgroup Australian Genealogists  "A group for genealogists downunder - with roots from all over the world". 

Any member of GenealogyWise can set up a group and members can join multiple groups. There are groups for all manner of interests:

Activity from the 263 members of the Australian Genealogists  Group  is patchy. Some days there will be a few posts and sometimes a couple of weeks go by without any activity. Within the group all members have the ability to set up discussions on topics of interest. Some of the Aussie discussions are:
  • Hunt Family of Newcastle
  • Australian Blogs
  • Nicholls Family
  • Mining Ancestors
  • Professional Genealogists  

 Although using the ning platform can sometimes be tricky membership of GenealogyWise  is worthwhile. Belonging to this FREE network can produce results, break down brick walls and  foster relationships with researchers with shared interests. There are so many generous people in the world of genealogy.

Australian Genealogists members have said:

Hi everyone,
I just love this site. If I can be of any assistance to anyone please let me know and I will do my best my help.

Thank you Peter! What a lot of looking up you did.

Hi Everyone,
If anyone needs a hand in Ozzie research, I've got 20 yrs experience, and all the BDM's for Australia

Thankyou, I never even thought of looking in N.S.W. as it said Brisbane on the certificate...should've known better, Once againg a big thankyou,

Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help, it is no wonder that GenealogyWise is getting more members every day : ) Best thing I ever did !

Thank you so much for the information, it helps to remove another brick from the wall and will hopefully enable me to go a lot further with my research.
Best wishes,

I believe that publishing your interests pays off so would encourage all genealogists with internet access to join GenealogyWise.

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Infolass said...

Thanks for the reminder. It has fallen off my radar of late and will vist again soon


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