Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Florences are thin on the ground

 A few weeks ago I wrote about International Year of the Nurse (IYNurse), . I have still not seen much in the media about the courageous women who toil at this essential job. 

There was, however, one anonymous comment on my blog:"This has reminded me to write a detailed story on Elsie Clare Pidgeon. She was a nurse in WW1, and won the Florence Nightingale Medal. I want to add a scrapbook entry to the Mapping Our Anzacs website too. In the meantime visit http://www.wepidgeon.com/elsie.htm". Elsie's story is fascinating and well worth a read.

Co-incidentally in this post, Orange district's early nurses and doctors, historian Lis Edwards is calling for help with stories for her writing of "the definitive history of nurses, doctors and hospitals in the Orange district to coincide with the opening of the new Orange Base Hospital next year.

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