Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you could only have six.....

In our connected world we are inundated with  Hardware, Software and Social Media Tools. A recent post by Shauna Hicks asked " Can you do genealogy without technology?" I think one can do this but think genealogists who ignore technology are at risk of missing out on important news, resources and networking opportunities.

In his Blue Skunk Blog this morning Doug Johnson reports on an article by Tim Holt. Tim says "I think that the overwhelming volume of it causes a “paralysis of choice” where those that are trying to become techno-literate teachers throw up their hands in disgust and just say “too much!” The same holds true for genealogists and family historians who are trying to be techno-literate. Tim suggests pruning down the list of websites and gadgets we use to six essential websites and two gadgets.

This challenge is of the same flavour as  the one proposed by Elyse  on Elyse's Genealogy Blog

but is more restrictive. As I answered Elyse's challenge with a list of two-legged human tools I will cover my techno toys by responding to Tim's challenge"

"So, could you do it? Six websites and 2 gadgets?"  

Here's my contribution:

1. Google Browser - it will take me most places I want to go.
2. Google Reader - it keeps me up to date with genealogy and other news plus allows me access to my Twitter and Facebook RSS feeds.
3. Gmail - for keeping in touch with friends and family and having access to their details
4. Picasa - for photo sharing, cataloguing and storing
5. Sharethis - so I can post straight to multiple social networks and my blog - no need to directly access Blogger, Delicious, Twitter, Posterous, Wordpress and Facebook.
6. Geniaus Website - so I can continue to add details to my family tree.

1. My HTC TouchPro2 phone - for access away from home and capturing photos and images of documents..
2. My laptop with integrated webcam for home.

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