Monday, July 5, 2010

6 Baptisms, 5 Weddings and a Funeral

1983 St. Mary's Christmas Pageant - Rev Terry Dicks and children including my three angels and Joseph

In recent times our family has celebrated significant occasions at St. Mary's Anglican Church Waverley. A peek at the tags in my digital family album shows that I have several hundred photographs tagged St Mary's. As well as hatches, matches and dispatches there are photos of social events, Christmas pageants and Sunday School events. The picture on the header of this blog is taken of the most recent family wedding at St. Mary's.
2009 Family Wedding - Rev Beth Spence

2009 Family Christening - Rev Michael Spence
St Mary the Virgin is an historic Blackett church in Birrell Street, Waverley . There is a short history of the Church at the Waverley Council website. A book on the history of the Church, Through the archway of the years : St. Mary's Church, Waverley, N.S.W., 1864-1964, can be found in the National Library of Australia. A list of the clergy who have served at St. Mary's can be found on the Church site. St Mary's has a strong tradition of music that is enhanced by the Gern organ that is listed on the NSW State Heritage List.

St Mary's Organ

 St Mary's is a happy place as described in a 2004 article in the Anglicans Together Newsletter,  St. Mary's Church, Waverley : High and Happy

1997 Family Wedding
 More recent news of the Parish is detailed in the snippets below from

St Mary's is a significant place in our family history as so many family events took place in this beautiful Church.

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