Sunday, August 25, 2019

Like a Sponge

It seems as though some of my genimates who are going to DNADownunder in Sydney later this week are beating themselves up as they indulge in a frenzy of activities related to their DNA matches.

I was on this merry-go-round until a few days ago but I decided to dismount. I really don't think that identifying a few more of my matches, writing to more prospective cousins or updating my files will have much of an impact on my learning at the event. I am going to take time out from DNA for the next few days and go along to DNADownunder with a clear head.

The things I most want to happen like getting Ancestry DNA matches to upload their data to another site so I can paint them in DNAPainter or getting responses from many of the matches I have messaged is just not going to happen quickly. I have no control over these issues but maybe I will pick up a few tips at the conference.

I am going be a sponge and sit back, relax and learn from the experts at the event, I read somewhere that "learning by osmosis" occurs when one is exposed to and immersed in something.  
DNADownunder will provide that DNA exposure and immersion.

 The sponge inside my head is ready to absorb
I may not attend a talk in every time slot (except for Blaine's) because I won't want my new learning to leak out of the sponge. I may use those times to reflect and reinforce my new learning and I may pull out my laptop and play while the learning is fresh in my mind. Three full days of learning is exhausting at events like this; we need to factor in some time to refresh, relax and reconnect (with genimates and vendors at the event).

If you have been daunted at the prospect of all the learning at this event do come along and be a sponge like me, you will definitely have a beaut time. (If you haven't booked you can buy tickets at the door.)

I'm a DNA Dabbler so while being educated at DNADownunder is my main focus I am also going along to be entertained, enthused and energised. It's the Australian geneagathering of the year.


Jennifer Jones said...

Jill I think the way you are approaching DNA Downunder is the best way. You can only absorb so much in a few days. I’m very disappointed that I had to cancel my attendance at Melbourne. I’ve been knocked down with a virus and wasn’t well enough. But I intend to but Blaine’s book so I’m sure that will help a little. I have much to learn Re DNA

Alona Tester said...

I look forward to seeing you in Sydney Jill, and I totally agree. I class myself as pretty much a DNA newbie, but I will go along and will soak in what I can, which won't be everything, but I'll know it'll be a whole lot more about DNA than I did!

kidami said...

Jill, you match about 5th cousin status with my maternal aunt, Dorothy Moran. I suspect the location may be Kilbeggan.

GeniAus said...

Kidami, that is so exciting. I may have to make an exception and check that out. Will you be at #DNADU?

johninoz said...

I don't know much about DNA, and wondering if I should have just done the one day session in Melbourne rather than three full days in Sydney. I suspect my head will be spinning by the end of it. Anyway what is done is done, and I will try to absorb as much as I can, and see where it leads me. In any case I get to catch up with people I have met along the way at other conferences etc.


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