Thursday, August 1, 2019

Jill's Jigsaw

Mr GeniAus and I are hoarders. Back in 2014 I even started writing about my efforts to offload stuff  in Diary of a decrapifier.

When we moved house two years ago we thought that we had tossed out a lot of stuff prior to the big move but we didn't! Two years down the track we still have a garage that is full of cartons and  odd bits of furniture. Over the past few days we have stepped up our efforts to claim the garage for our cars.

As well as attending to the big stuff I have been looking at my tech gear. We took a hammer to our museum of laptops' harddrives earlier in the year. Gone tonight are a few old thumb drives of 128 and 256 megabytes together with old cables, adaptors and chargers. I am now looking at old external hard drives (and taking a trip down memory lane) and copying files I want to keep (nearly everything) onto my 8TB external Hard Drive. This has taken me ages as I look at the websites I built in the late nineties and early this century.

One gem I found was Jill's Jigsaw, my first family history related site that I built around 2000 using Adobe Dreamweaver. I had a narrative page each for some of my earliest ancestors and spreadsheets that listed all ancestors and their families. I kept this up until I created the GeniAus family site using TNG in 2009. It is so much easier to look after my current site than Jill's Jigsaw.

It was gratifying to find that all of the links on the site still worked when I fired it up in Chrome.

Do you still have a copy of your first attempt at an online tree?


crgalvin said...

Love it! Was playing with Netscape in 1997, FrontPage in 2001 then moved to Dreamweaver about 2003 but no family history sites. We’ve been in current location now for 7 years and I’m seeing that gradual accumulation of “stuff” again, must try to do better! :))

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Ah, the encroachment of “stuff”...happens to most of us. I did classes on Dreamweaver...and ended up with a much easier.

GeniAus said...

Now you have me thinking. Maybe I did it in FrontPage before I moved to Dreamweaver. I remember using both at school and home.

GeniAus said...

Blogging is definitely more user friendly and is best for two way communication.


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