Monday, August 12, 2019

Conference Ribbons

One of the extra-curricular activities at geneaevents in the US is the collecting of Conference Badge Ribbons. This practice has spread to Australia and the UK although it is not yet as popular as in America.

Kiwi genealogist, Roger, has a long ribbon cascade
It's certainly great fun to collect these ribbons from friends, institutions, societies and businesses but have you actually thought strategically about the wearing and placement of these ribbons?

I started collecting ribbons at an early Rootstech conference and, after a few years, joined the fun by ordering some to promote my blog and website.  For the first few years I sought and accepted ribbons and added them to my ribbon cascade as they were given to me.

One day I realised that the the Ribbon Cascade I was wearing was a walking billboard that told those who admired my colourful collection who and what was important to me and whom I supported. So from then on I didn't rush to add ribbons. I made sure that I added those ribbons that were most important and told something about me to the top of my cascade.

I began to think of the strategic placement of  ribbons on my cascade. At international events an Australia ribbon goes near the top of my cascade followed by my GeniAus ribbon and a Convict Descendant if there are some on offer. Other ribbons near the top will be for associations of which I am a member like the Virtual Genealogical Association, an event with which I am associated like The Genealogy Show and Kiva Genealogists for Families a charity I support.

As the ribbons can create a trip hazard I try to keep my cascade to a reasonable length.

Blogs I follow (especially Australian ones) get good placement. I may add ribbons for companies with which I have tested my DNA and services I use like Google, Wikitree and Familysearch. I will add funny ones like "I Haunt Cemeteries" closer to the bottom of the cascade. Once I have added all of these I may add incidental ones that people give me but if they are irrelevant I file them away for another day.

As I prepare for Rootstech London I am thinking about ribbons. Now that my Facebook page is my main platform for communication I order may some with a link to my Facebook page and some for our Downunder genies who are attending. I am also considering deconstructing some of my Ribbon Cascades from earlier events and creating something to wear in London. It's such a waste to have them sitting in a box at home.

I hope those attending Rootstech and other geneaevents consider sharing some ribbons. They are a great conversation starter and will provide excellent promotion of your sites and services.

Remember to stop and think about the ribbon you are going to wear or offer at an event. What message does it convey to other conference attendees?

Cascades from my past


jennyalogy said...

Nice to see my ribbon featured there! :)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I see my Geneabloggers Down Under too and will be bringing some to #RootsTechLondon

I always like to have my Kiva Genealogists for Families near the top of my ribbon cascade.

Carole said...

I love my ribbon cascades :D For me they're a great way to remember where I've been and what brands / stalls / items etc I want to remember to check out on my return home once my brain is functioning (almost) normally again.

That being said, after nearly dipping my year 2 RootsTech ribbon cascade in the toilet, my year 3 one was considerably shorter!!

GeniAus said...

Thanks for the comments girls - I'l see you all and your ribbons at Rootstech London.


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