Thursday, August 29, 2019

Positive Overload

A while ago I wrote that I would be suffering from Blaine overload at DNA Downunder.

My day started off well when I entered the lecture room to be greeted with a hug from Blaine Bettinger.

Blaine and GeniAus
And then there was the meetup with my Rootstech buddies, Fran, Pauleen and Sharn. I let out many squeals of delight as I kept finding more genimaates.

With Rootstech buddies Fran, Pauleen and Sharn
Today on the the first day of DNA Downunder in Sydney I attended five DNA talks given by Blaine. My brain is certainly overloaded but this is a most positive outcome. I have had much of my DNA knowledge reinforced, been given many tips and ideas to further my genetic sleuthing and have been energised and inspired by Blaine'a enthusiasm.  The 300+ genies who were in attendance today had a real treat.

One of five talks from Blaine today
The other presentation I attended was from the researchers from Genioz who told us about their research study and shared findings from their work on personal genomics in Australia. As someone who has a blinkered view and hasn't thought much beyond the use of DNA in family history research this presentation was a real eye opener. It was good to be exposed to the whole picture as opposed to my narrow little focus.

Jacqueline from Genioz
Alan Phillips from Unlock the Past has excelled himself with venue choice, the program and the whole organisation of the event which so far has been top notch.Thanks also to Alona and Anthe - the women who keep Alan under control. Well done Phillips family.

Alan Phillips
Being able to meet old genimates and online friends in the flesh is one aspect of a geneaconference that I enjoy. I can't wait until tomorrow when I hope to chat and take a happy snap with those I missed today.

A hall overflowing with genimates
My day ended at a dinner with some of the many Downunder Genies who are travelling to London in October to attend the Rootstech Conference there.

We certainly experienced DNA to the Max at Castle Hill today.


Emily Peace said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Wish I could have made this one!

GeniAus said...

So much learning - very little waffle


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