Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Following Taneya's Tip

I love it when I pick up a really useful tip from another geneablogger.

Yesterday as I was catching up on some blog reading I came across a recent Tech Tuesday post from Taneya Koonce in which she talked about the organisation of her digital images. She mentioned that she had been a user of Picasa but that when Google withdrew support for that product she returned to an ACDSee  product she had used previously.

That post was so timely for me as I have been looking around for something to replace Picasa.  Picasa still works but I don't want to be in a situation where it may crash and I lose all the info I have added to my images with the program.

I immediately investigated the ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 10 program by seeking out reviews and reading posts in user groups. There was a lot of positivity so I took advantage of the month's free trial and downloaded the program.

Playing with ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 10
After 6 hours use I find that it is a sophisticated package that has some features I may never use but it does what I want and more. The tags I had assigned to all my images in Picasa have appeared in the IPTC Metadata keyword field. This was a major criteria for me, a feature that was essential. Being able to apply metadata that conforms to IPTC international standards is most important to this old librarian, I have spent most of my time today doing that. I have played around with retrieving images from my sample collection and that works well.

I only had to resort to the Help Menu a couple of times as I played with my photos from 2017 so I guess that means it is fairly intuitive.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 10  is not cheap but is on special online for $USD99 until 17th January. I won't be parting with my money immediately. I'll play with the program a little more but I am confident that I have found a solution that suits my purposes.


jennyalogy said...

You'll have to show it to me. I'm still using Picasa

Susie Zada said...

Hi Jill,

Just in case it meets your needs, have a look at Photoscape - this is freeware (bonus) and lots of options.

Regards ... Susie Z

Jill Ball said...

Will do. BTW I'm now travelling to Rootstech on the Thursday.

Jill Ball said...

Thanks Susie. Will do before I fork out my $$$.

Sharon said...

I need to sort out my images. I have my other files in perfect order but images are a mess!
I have tried Adobe Bridge.

Jenny Mackay said...

I had a look at ACDSee and it does look good. I like that you can still add stories, sort by date etc and it uses the Pictures folder already on your computer. Also had a quick look at Photoscape, however that does look to be just an editing software not for organisation. I've been using Historian for quite a few years, previously called Memory Manager by Creative Memories, however I always worry if the company goes under. It doesn't use the Pictures folder. It has it's own hierarchy which is a very obscure, so you can't use your photos outside of the software. Not good. Thanks for sharing your journey with photo organising.

JL Beeken said...

If you're looking for IPTC-standard, and free (for Windows), try GeoSetter.

The IPTC tags are secondary to the mapping features but just as good.

Genie Jen said...

This was interesting to me as I have used ACDSee for several years when it came with my first digital camera. I have upgraded over the years and am now up to ACDSee20. It's not the Ultimate version but is more than adequate for my needs and affordable too.


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