Friday, January 19, 2018

Tweaking my Social Media Policy

Way back in 2013 I wrote about my personal social media use after a reading a 2010 post "How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

In the past 4 1/2 years other social media tools have emerged, some have thrived and some withered. I can't keep up with everything so I am reviewing how I use the tools at my disposal. some of these tools are not necessarily social media tools but I am including them because I use them for managing my communication and collaboration.

Below in black font is what I posted in 2013. I will describe my 2018 practices in Red.

Blogger - Essential for my blogging. Still my favourite blogging platform. 

Evernote - My virtual notebook where I store and share all sorts of things. Still my virtual memory/organisation tool.

Facebook - I joined to connect with family and friends and I use it (reluctantly) to connect with the genealogy community. I would rather not use it for genealogy but while others insist on using it I will stay there. Reluctantly I have followed the genealogy crowd to Facebook. I particularly enjoy participating in some Facebook Groups. I also maintain a couple of Facebook Pages.

Google+ - My social media communication and collaboration tool of choice. Sadly other genies haven't shared my enthusiasm for Google+ so although I still announce my blogger posts there I do not share news regularly on Google+ any longer.

Inoreader - The RSS Feed Reader I now use.

Instagram - I have an account but do not use it regularly.

Librarything - I love this tool for managing my reading life and remembering for me what I have read. I remain faithful to Librarything.

LinkedIn - I'll maintain my presence here as it is good to keep in contact with former business contacts. I still have a presence there but I am not an active user.

Pinterest - I have several genealogy boards on Pinterest but I am still just dabbling.

The Old Reader - My new (to me) RSS feed reader. The Old Reader is no longer.

Trello - I came to Trello recently because it is used as a planning/collaboration tool in a group to which I belong.  

Twitter - I have quietened down on Twitter but it is the tool I turn to when at an event and I have something to share. I'm quiet on Twitter but still tweet from events using appropriate hashtags.

Wordpress - I also blog from Wordpress as I thought it useful to be competent in using this platform.

Youtube - A home for the few videos I have made. I have added quite a few videos to my Channel during the past few years.

What do you use? I wonder what we'll be using in 2022?


Linda Stufflebean said...

Like you, there are some tools that I use regularly and others that have been left along the wayside. I blog with WordPress and really like it. Although I have a Facebook account, I only occasionally post there. In fact, I got tired of most of the groups to which I belonged so I left them and joined just 2 or 3 new ones for a change of pace. Google+ sits unused by me. I do have a Pinterest board for my blog, but only pin new items about once a month. I love Library Thing! My RSS feed is feedly, which I also love.

Lilian's Tree said...

Very interesting, Jill. I too have changed how I do things, with Social Media. What is Librarything, as I have never heard of it?

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

It seems we’ve “evolved” in much the same way. I use FB way more now even though I did like G+.
Feedly for my reader, Pocket for more general saves or to read later. Evernote for long term saves especially emails. LibraryThing for my Books catalogue (if I don’t forget) and Good Reader for my book reading and reviews. And I still love Wordpress which does such a good job of capturing spam and not needing captcha.

Hilary Gadsby said...

I am much the same as you I use Feedly but don't get much time to read with all the other things I do. I am not on Instagram or Linkedin.

Kerrie Anne Christian said...

I mostly use Feedly, Wordpress, Facebook, email
and now rarely use Google+, Librarything, LinkedIn, Twitter


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