Thursday, January 18, 2018

Just a haircut away

Rootstech has crept up on me this year. 

I find that it is now only 35 days (or one haircut away) until I board the Flying Kangaroo for my journey to the Geneamecca of Salt Lake City. Am I ready?

As a regular Rootstechie I have become a bit complacent about preparing for my journey. 

In January 2011 I wrote "I've dived into the bowels of my dressing shed (aka wardrobe) and retrieved the overseas winter clothes that are too warm to wear in Australia. I've a thick padded jacket,a pair of comfy warm walking boots, hats, gloves, scarves and some thermal underwear. Hopefully I will be able to keep warm in Salt Lake City. 

Thanks to advice from some of my fellow Rootstech Bloggers I know what I need to pack for my research days at The Family History Library and the Rootstech Conference. My passport is in date and I have my ESTA US Visa Waiver organised. My travel documents are in hard and soft copy."

Fast forward to 2018 - I'm leaving the thermal underwear behind as I am not planning to spend much time outdoors, the padded coat is a must but the warm indoor clothes aren't needed as most places including the Family History Library and the Salt Palace ar well heated. I have the travel documents, travel insurance, passport and the ESTA so I'm set.

Later in 2011 I blogged "As a newbie (and a foreigner) at Rootstech last year I was not aware of the need to have a swag of geneabloggers' accessories. I was rather proud of the snazzy new business cards I had along with me but these paled into insignificance when I saw the array of accessories that other geneabloggers had brought along."

I now know to take Australian mini koala badges, stickers and other souvenir type stuff. I need to order contact cards with my new mobile number and to order some more conference ribbons to hand out to my genimates. I may even get some ribbons for members of the Commonwealth to wear. 

As has been my practice I am arriving in Salt Lake six days prior to Rootstech proper so that I can get over the jet lag, indulge in some retail therapy and socialise with my genimates before the main event.

When the first Rootstech app was introduced it was next to useless but as the years have gone by the app has been replaced and improved. I have it downloaded and am using it to map out my days and connect with genimates.

Unfortunately I didn't make a list of the technology I took to Rootstech last year but I will once again set up my office (where I can blog and write away from the action) in my room at the Marriott. I had better start thinking of what I need to take.

Rather than taking one huge suitcase I am going to take two smaller suitcases this year (I am allowed three bags on Qantas) as I think that they will be easier for an old girl to handle.

I think I'm set. 


GenieJen said...

You sound very organised, Jill and I look forward to following your trip to Rootstech again this year. I do appreciate the way you let those of us who can't go to Rootstech know what is happening at the conference. I particularly enjoy your video interviews. Have a great trip.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Jen. The Rootstech folk have taken out the Video studio as it was expensive to run. I'll have a go at doing interviews on my computer/phone and camera but they won't be professionally produced like those in earlier years.


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