Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trove Tuesday - Family History Blogs

I have been thinking about blogs and blogging this week so I thought I'd take a look at Trove and see what Family History Blogs I could find. I am always on the prowl for new to me Australian genealogy blogs to follow.

Firstly I restricted my search to "Archived websites (1996 – now)"  and entered the following in the search box.

I was rewarded with "at least 3,058 sites containing 2,058,694 page versions". On the first page of hits I saw many blogs and websites that I recognised.

I then selected "Blogs" from the narrow by keywords option on the left of the page. My list of hits was reduced to:" at least 553 sites containing 224,899 page versions."

Did I find anything new to me? I knew all the blogs on the first list of twenty including some that are dormant. Isn't it good that their content is preserved on Trove.

On the second page I started seeing blogs that I wasn't familiar with. One was weird, one from a writer and one about hair loss and other random stuff. I kept going...

The first gem I found was Great War Nurses from the Hunter  , although dormant this blog has many interesting articles.

Are you my father? How I spent my life searching for truth diarises a woman's search for her biological father. This blog hooked me in with well written and riveting story that I spent over  two hours reading each and every post.

I was thrilled to find Camden History Notes as my convict ancestors Patrick Curry and Ellen Moore were there from 1828.There were lots of articles on the Camden area.

Scrolling thhrough15 pages of hits I found lots of blogs that I know including three of mine but little else of interest. I need to use some other search terms to find more genealogy blogs.

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