Friday, October 9, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 9 October 2015

I find revisiting the blogs I have marked as possible GeniAus' Gems in my Evernote folder an enjoyable experience. So for the next ten or fifteen minutes (it was actually an hour) I will head to Evernote, reacquaint myself  with those posts and make a final selection.

The list I choose is totally subjective - I don't claim to select the best of the best just posts tht resonate with me.  (and perhaps you too). Sometimes a phrase or sentiment strikes me, a title amuses me, I learn something new or I want to welcome an absent blogger back into the fold. My criteria are fluid and affected by the environment. A big THANK YOU to those who have shared positive comments about this series recently - makes the effort worthwhile.

Each week I seem to happen across new to me blogs, this is good as I note that many of the bloggers in my Inoreader (free, stable, recommended) RSS feeds have taken sabbaticals from blogging. I do hope they return as I try to have a downunder bias in these posts but it's difficult when so many Aussie geneabloggers are on leave at once. I will from time to time add the URLs of new to me blogs to my posts.

Enough prattle it's time to head over to Evernote.

1.  Jennifer tells us about man's best friend at war.

2. Irish interests? Here's a free course from Trinity College.

3. Matt shares some new treasures.

4. Prue starts off her post by proposing some questions.

5. For those bloggers on sabbatical, a plea from DearMYRTLE

6. Canadian, John, writes an unbiased review of an Australian publication by an English author.

7. Wayne's Aunt Doris was a generous and dedicated researcher

8. Denise always teaches me something techy.

9. It's unusual for me to include a post from a commercial organisation, my excuse is that I love words.

10. With a title like that I just had to read Nola's post.

11. Another beaut Outback story from Moya.

12. Susan provides an insight into our ancestrors' journeys.

And I nearly forgot the wonderful recounts of the In Time and Place Conference last weekend. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Alex, CaitlinFran, Shauna, You made the conference come alive for those of us who couldn't be there.

New to me Blogs

Bribie Island History

The Heneker Family

Inside the Travel Lab This traveller loves it

Research by Lily (I didn't realise that Lilian had a third blog)

Warcoo Family Histories Jeffrey has set up a series of blogs to record his family  stories.


TravelGenee said...

Thanks for the mention!!!

Alex Daw said...

yes, thanks from me too Jill. I forgot to mention in my post the some of us wore our blogger beads but it felt all wrong without you there.


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