Friday, October 9, 2015

Aussie Images

As I cast around for images to use on my blogs and in presentations I want to respect copyright.

State Records NSW recently posted on Facebook some images  from the series NRS 15051 School photos. Of course I followed their link and  found some charming old images of  schools my parents attended.  I then did a further search for some family related towns and localities via The Photo Investigator Search and found a load of images that would enhance my writing.

When I saw the note "Reproduction rights: State Records NSW"  on the images I thought "Oh, bother" I can't use them legally.  Then I noticed at the bottom of the pages a Menu item "Copyright". I am so pleased that I followed the link.

I'm no lawyer but after reading their Copyright statement I believe I can use the above mentioned images if I append the description required by State Records NSW ie "© State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority of NSW".

You can read the Copyright Statement for yourself here

I am enhancing this post with a photo from the collection. I chose it because it is of a family group  in a rural setting going to school in 1929 and that is how my father and his siblings travelled to school at Bangaroo about that time. It would be perfect to illustrate a post about the Curry Children's school days.

This photo is described thus on the website:

Burdett Public School - members of Sid Nash family leave for school

Digital ID:15051_a047_002044.jpg Date:c. 31/12/1929
Format:Black and white photograph Size:160 KB
Source:Item held at State Records NSW Rights:Reproduction rights: State Records NSW

© State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority of NSW


John Sparrow said...

Hi Jill.
I think that this para is also relevant
"This copyright Statement does not apply to any third party works appearing in the Material."
This is taken from the link you provided. I suspect most of the works would be third party, and the copyright would reside with that third party. Copy right in many cases may have expired??

GeniAus said...

Yes thanks, John. We do need to read the descriptions etc carefully before using.


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