Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dutch Treat

Six of my grandchildren have Dutch heritage due to their mothers' ancestries. In an attempt to balance the children's family trees I have dabbled in Dutch research.

This morning I got a real Dutch treat from my son's mother-in-law, she shared with me a family tree on DVD that had just arrived from a relative in The Netherlands. I appreciate the genearosity.  The 319 page Word document and associated index (in Dutch) takes three of my grandchildren's line back to the 13th century. It is beautifully presented with copies of documents, photos, stories (which I can't understand) and clips from original registers. Unfortunately these are not sourced.

I will not be adding all of the data in this document to my family tree because I haven't the time, the info is unsourced and some of it is not relevant to my grandchildren's line. I will try to add direct line names, dates and places information for my grandchildren (even though sources are lacking) as the names and dates may provide clues for other researchers to follow up. The good news is that I can search for some sources in the Dutch Open Archive which allows searching in English (and several other languages).

They have strong Dutch roots
It may make take me some time to do this work as I will need to work with a Dutch-English dictionary beside me and I'll need to become friendly with Google Translate. In the meantime I've copied the document into a folder on my hard drive and backed it up.

The DVD which only arrived in Australia yesterday will be returned to its owner on the weekend as she only perused it quickly before giving it to me.

I am privileged that I was given this research to use. Hours and hours have been invested into this detailed document.


Jackie van Bergen said...

How wonderful.
I've had fun with the in-law's ancestry too.
Maybe we'll have to meet and share some tips and tricks.
I've had mother in law and sister in law to help with translations - so much better than google translate!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

What wonderful genearosity! you will all have fun with that.

TravelGenee said...

A good week for me too. I got a pile of in-laws certificates from Mr TG's side and an email from my cousins with more info on her mother's side. Like some of yours I am adding but not planning to research further on some. Good thing about certificates is that you can read the source. For word of mouth I create a source "word of mouth" and the persons name. At least then I will know if I ever wonder where it came from. I must learn if here are any recommended protocols for is situation.


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