Sunday, October 4, 2015

Panel Sorted

Recently several people I respect have made negative comments on social media about panel sessions at genealogy conferences. I have taken these comments on board as I prepare for the session I am moderating at Rootstech 2016

I am thrilled to announce that I have gathered a panel representing four countries to join me on the podium. The bios for these three folk will appear shortly on the Rootstech website.

We have some ideas for discussion during the panel session but I am hoping that you might also be able to suggest scenarios for our panelists to ponder and discuss. You can read about our topic on the Rttostech website here: Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in an Online World. Please take a look as I'd appreciate your ideas and input, you can place comments on this blog or email with your suggestions.

1 comment:

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Let's hope there are some great suggestions Jill. I see the panel names are now public :)


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