Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heaven Address

Sometimes as I am practising Tangential Genealogy I find some great new stuff.

Occasionally when I search for an ancestor's name on Google I am directed to the Heaven Address site where I might find death and funeral details, sometimes there are tributes posted by family and friends and sometimes there is a collection of photos of the deceased. Until I returned this week the  only entries I found at this site were only for deaths in recent years.

On its home page Heaven Address claims to be "the respectful online memorial community to honour and celebrate the lives of your loved ones." One can join Heaven Address but there is no need to do this to search its database.

What I found this week, when I decided to search Heaven Address for the surname Curry for my CurryAus Surname study, were some old records back to the 1920s. In fact I found enough information to help me reconstruct a few Curry families.

I was under the impression that only funeral directors contributed to this database but it appears that  a small group of cemeteries and crematoria are adding records with maps and GPS coordinates of graves. This must be fairly new as many records, such as William Curry's (below) indicate that they have not yet been inscribed.

I found records from several Australian States. You can see the full list of Australian cemeteries and crematoria that are contributing records here:

NSW Cemeteries contributing to Heaven Address.

This is a very useful database to add to your Genealogy Toolbox especially if you are undertaking a surname study.


Caitlin Gow said...

I actually discovered Heaven Address for the first time earlier this week. I was trying to find out when someone died, googled their name, and Heaven Address popped up. There was even a picture of the memorial plaque. :)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Handy to know about the involvement of cemeteries as well as condolences. Must check out Qld.

Jill Ball said...

I was quite surprised and delighted with my finds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm odd, but I just found a relative on heavenaddress and I think it's a disgusting violation of privacy and an unjustifiable assumption about religious beliefs. I can't think of anyone except myself who would have been entitled to authorise publication on this or any other website: that suggests to me that the site does no checking and its data is unreliable. Please think about this for a moment. Privacy to mourn is important for many people.


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