Sunday, May 17, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 17 May 2015

A busy few days with the family prevented me from publishing my list of GeniAus' Gems or GAGs  on Friday this week. It's now Sunday morning, the visitors have had their breakfast and are on their way home again. We relish spending time with the children and grandchildren so we can't let genealogy get in the way of their visits.

I have a few GAGs saved over in my Evernote folder that I'll share with you today. I'll aim for Friday again next week.

1. Join Lynda on a visit to the Singapore Archives.

2. Will Helen do it again?

3. Glyn explains how to spot duplicates.

4. An amazing escape.

5. Thanks Alona for this challenge and collation.

6. Marian highlights a feature on Cyndi's list.

7. I wonder if this blogger with an Australian story is named Joy.

9. Barb describes her Hawaiian ANZAC Day.

11. Reeling in readers via GSQ.

12. A mystery solved at Stockton.

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