Thursday, May 28, 2015

Twelve Tabs

When I settle in for a session of Australian research from home I open up a collection of tabs on my browser so that I can jump from one site to another with ease.

In case the above image is a bit small for you to see here are the pages I open up:

National Archives of Australia
The Ryerson Index search page
NSW BDM Family History Page
NSW BDM Birth Index Search
NSW BDM Marriage Index Search
NSW BDM Death Index Search
NSW State Records Indexes online
Google Australia

I am sure that many of my genimates have a similar setup.

Of course these are not the only resources I use but they are a good starting point. In the past few months I have been going through my database and checking the entries systematically (I still have a way to go). Having these tabs open is of great assistance.

I am wondering what your collection of tabs looks like.


Lois Willis said...

I generally only have about 2 or 3 sites open at once. I prefer to open them in separate windows, rather than tabs, as that way I can just use Alt Tab to switch between the different windows.

Also, if they're in separate windows, I can also tile them, so that I can view all the windows at once.

Rosemary said...

Similar, but not so many at one time. Replace the NSW ones that you have with one for WA BDM's and the inestimable WA Reverse Marriage Search, and 2 or 3 for different sections of Tas' Linc pages. I'ld add Vic to that but at 99c a look, ain't going to happen. Instead I have the Digger indices open in a separate window. That's if I'm working in Oz. It's an entirely different setup when I'm looking in England or the US.

Celia Lewis said...

I have most of my research in England, Canada, and the USA, so normally I have 4 or 5 resources open at once, plus my family tree software [on my computer]. When I get rolling and start digging into specific areas for maps & other records, regional archives, and newspaper sources, I might get up to 9 or 10 resources all opened.

I always use "new window" rather than tabs, making it much easier to dip back and forth from one to another. I might use tabs if I'm only going to search in one place for a while. Even if I'm only searching on Ancestry, I've gone up to 18 tabs as I try to clarify who's who and when/where. That's with separate windows for FamilySearch, FindMYPast, Old Fulton Postcards [NY newspapers], etc.

Cheers. said...

I do the same thing but not as with as many websites. I usually have the database I am focusing on, FamilySearch, Ancestry, and Find-a-grave. I will also use a location specific or family specific source depending on where my work takes me.

GeniAus said...

Thanks for the comments. Perhaps I should try new windows.


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