Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pack of Thieves.

I just got around to reading this book I bought for a song at a remainders bookstore in Chatswood Chase last year.

Pack of Thieves by Hamish Maxwell-Stewart & Susan Hood relates the stories of 52 convicts who served time at the Port Arthur penal settlement in Tasmania. While it is well written I found it a bit boring and repetitive after I had read the stories of twenty or so convicts. If one of them had been an ancestor of mine I would have been enthralled.

Pack of Thieves
What makes this book valuable is its excellent glossary and bibliography.


Jane Taubman said...

I recognise the cards on the cover, we were handed one when we visited Port Arthur in February. I wonder if the prisoners are the same as the ones on the walls in the museum.

GeniAus said...

I should imagine they are Jane. I havne't been to Port Arthur for around ten years. Perhaps it's time to visit again.

Sharon said...

I purchased this book at Port Arthur a few years ago.


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