Sunday, August 31, 2014

Best Hangout Ever

I realised a dream tonight. I had more people for the GeniAus Hangout on Air to mark the end of National Family History Month then the ten spaces on the panel.

Having so many panelists contributing to the conversation during the broadcast makes the hangout such a wonderful experience for the Hangout host. Thank you to the twelve peole who joined me to talk about their experiences in National Family Month especially Shauna Hicks, voluntary national co-ordinator for the event.  I had an incredible 60 minutes thanks to the collaboration of these generous genies.

If you missed the Hangout you can watch it right here or catch it later here.


Dot Elder said...

What a great hangout Jill! You hangouts enhance a friendly genealogical community,

Jane Taubman said...

Great hang out Jill, sorry I missed it live.

TravelGenee said...

Hi Jill, It is great you had the best hangout - so far. I am sure they will continue to grow and you will make new records. I was too frightened to give up my space for another panelist in case I could not continue to view/hear the "show" after handing my space over. I need to figure out what happens - perhaps you know or you just connect back in to the hangout in the non panel mode. Regards Fran


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