Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sharing the Love #NFHM2014

There is an amazing menu of events for National Family History Month over on their website. These events are taking place all over Australia and in cyberspace as well.


I imagine that several thousands of Australian enthusiasts will attend one or more of these events and some will even report on them on social media or other websites. I would love to hear what they are attending, delivering or learning but there are several places on the web where reports are being posted. I follow Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and over 200 Australian genealogy and history blogs but know that I am missing out on lots of news.

Voluntary co-ordinator of the event Shauna Hicks recently tweeted the hashtag for National Family History Month. If we all include the hashtag #NFHM2014 when reporting on events then search engines may index the posts.


I am not a huge fan of Twitter but I think, it certain situations it is an excellent vehicle for aggregating news. If those of us with Twitter accounts write a short tweet with any #NHFM2014 news we find  then others can access Twitter, do a search by the hashtag and get a results list containing relevant posts.

At the moment, if I do such a search on Twitter, presently many of tweets containing the hashtag  #NFHM2014 come from one Twitter user - me. How about turning that around? 


If you or your society has a blog or website you could attach a  #NHFM2014 label or tag to your post or article.

Let's share the love for National Family History Month by using the hashtag.

Join our next GeniAus Hangout on Air - What a Month that was - #NFHM2014 


Postscript: The power of hashtags

It is only about two minutes since I published this post. look what happened when I did a search for the hashtag.

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