Friday, August 29, 2014

Ancestry Antics

Since I bloggred on Wednesday about decrapifying the hints on my Ancestry Private tree I have managaed to  prune down 45 pages of hints to just two.

In a reply to a comment on a post somewhere I said that I only had a pruned down tree on Ancestry and that was enough for me but a girl can change her mind - can't she? Having checked out those (mostly irrelevant) hints I took the easy way out, deleted my tree and replaced it with a newer bigger model. It took less than 3 minutes to accomplish this.

I guess Ancestry will serve out all those bad hints again but there will be some gems amongst the dross and I have a whole lot more "Cousin Bait" out there.

OMG - the new tree has only been uploaded for about ten minutes and there are 112 hints (different from the old ones). Here we go again!!

112 new hints


GeniAus said...

Seven pages of useless hints gone in a flash.

Celia Lewis said...

I've done this several times in the past... gets significantly easier. I now only get 3-6 hints each week. Flash on!

Kylie Willison said...

I love the word decrapifying has that made it into your geneadictionary? Have fun exploring all the hints!

GeniAus said...

I was quite disappointed when there wer no hints for me this morning, Celia.

Kylie I will add decrapifying to the geneadictionary as I have a nice graphic to go with the post.


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