Saturday, August 9, 2014

Caught in the Act

I have debated with myself as to whether I should share this photo or not mainly because I had forgotten to put my iron and ironing board away before it was taken.  But that is the way with candid photos.

GeniAus Haanging out

Last week when I was halfway through my #NFHM2014 hangout my son and Mr GeniAus arrived back from an outing and tiptoed into the room. As the broadcast was in session I couldn't stop to have a chat with them so I just kept going. My son thought it amusing that he "caught me in the act" so he whipped out his phone and took a picture of me which he emailed the next day.

I thought it interesting because the photo shows the things I surround myself with before I start a hangout.  I hangout in the kitchen because the lighting there is good and I am able to connect to my modem by an ethernet cable which I feels gives me a better connection.

Working vaguely from the left of the kitchen table you can see my other gear:

* an handsfree phone that I can dive on and disconnect if someone calls through the hangout
* a vvidoe camera on a mini tripod sitting on a pile of recipe books to get it to a good height
* a botttle of water for when I get parched
* a spiral notebook in case I need to write something down (note the blue pencil in my hands)
* ta big laptop from which I connect to the hangout and monitor my running sheet
* a USB headset
* a portable hard drive on wich is loaded all of my genealogy files
* a pretty pink mouse connected to
* a second laptop on which I watch comments that may be made in the Geniaus Community during the course of the hangout

I am always nervous prior to a hangout commencing. I think this photos shows that once I am connected with my gear around me I am quite relaxed; my demeanour demonstrates that hangouts are not daunting activities.

As you can see from this picture you do not need any sophisticated gear to run or join a hangout, if you haven't tried it yet you should have a go.


TravelGenee said...

This is a great photo. Who would have noticed the ironing board if you had not mentioned it.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

You look like you're having fun Jill. You may be nervous in advance but you've taken us all along on the ride of discover with you.

Caitie G said...

I love it Jill! I really want to know what the chicken says - the thing sitting on your kitchen counter! :)

GeniAus said...

Caitlin, There are also three shelves of chickens above the TV but the one behind me says "Kitchen closed - this chick's had it.

Shannon Thomas said...

I love getting a look behind the scenes! I also have chickens in my kitchen and dining room :)

Sharon said...

I love it Jill! You really do look like you are enjoying yourself. Great photo.
I haven't attended a hangout yet but will need to make the effort!

GeniAus said...

I'd love to see you online Sharon.


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